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Reserve a Private Railcar Willetts Railcar Services, LLC
P.O. Box 374
Spencer, NC 28159-0374
Located inside Spencer Yard.
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Chartering a Railcar for your Ride of a lifetime.

Have you ever considered what makes a trip memorable, whether it's a business meeting or a vacation?

Was it memorable because of the destination, some oasis at the end of your journey?
Or was it the ability to get from A-to-B quickly, to meet with a client or perhaps to have time with your family?
What if the journey itself could become the meeting or the vacation or both?

We believe that travelling by private rail car can offer an experience like no other providing real quality time with your friends and family or the best venue for a more productive board meeting. All this while you enjoy views of the ever-changing scenery, quality personal service and luxurious accommodations.

Bob Willetts manages two spectacular private cars, the Hollywood Beach and the J.Pinckney Henderson. Just Click their names to see details about each.

We try very hard to make your charter as straight forward and easy as possible. Contact us by phone or email and we will explain it all to you. First we will help you understand where you can go on-board the chartered car, which is almost anywhere that Amtrak goes. We can work with you to make a schedule so you can see the big game, catch the Broadway show, pick up your guests along the way and really make your adventure special. Why not take the family to New York, park the car at Grand Central and spend the weekend. No hotel, and first class meals on-board prepared by a gourmet chef. We can set it up, meet you at Charlotte or drive and Park your car securely at the Spencer Yard's N.C.Transportation Museum. Click Here for a Map to Spencer Yard & Bob Willetts.

How does this work?

We begin our Amtrak trips in Charlotte North Carolina and utilize Washington DC as our hub to take you in many different directions. Amtrak assess fees based on miles travelled and nights parked in their stations. The cars lease fee is based on the number of days in use with a sliding scale. The first two days (there is a two day minimum) cost $2,500.00 and each day thereafter is less.

As an example:
A trip including meals, beverages, on board staff, mileage, layover fees, switching and miscellaneous charges included with one day's travel from Charlotte to Washington, spend three nights parked on Capitol Hill and another day travelling back to Charlotte is about $15,000.00.

Prices are based on a per car fee, not on occupancy, in other words, the more people travelling the lower the per-person cost.

Our railcars are stored at the maintenance base of the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer NC.
You are welcome to come on down and preview the cars with advance notice.

Looking at Amtrak's system map in their timetable will show the many destination possibilities available. Map showing main Amtrak Routes. Click map to contact us about your charter plans.