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P.O. Box 374
Spencer, NC 28159-0374
Located inside Spencer Yard.
Hollywood Beach Hollywood Beach Lounge Hollywood Beach

Chartering Hollywood Beach.

The Hollywood Beach offers four traditional Pullman style bedrooms, each with an upper and lower berth. The unique Sun Lounge end of the car features oversize side windows, ceiling skylights and observation windows. There is a large stainless steel and general toilet at the opposite end of the hall. Our on-board staff provides meal and beverage services. This fine representative of the Pullman era was built in 1956 and first placed in service on the Seaboard's Silver Meteor which ran from New York to Florida. Now she is available for your service.

we usually accessorize with plush-overstuffed furniture for comfortable extended travel. We can swap out the furniture for an excursion trip or a reception requiring higher capacity seating.

Below are drawings showing the car configured for these two different uses:"

Comfortable, Long Haul Arrangement Comfortable, High Capacity Seating

Please watch this video featuring the Hollywood Beach

video, Hollywood Beach Tour