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JPinckney Henderson Underway J.Pinckney Henderson Lounge J.P.Henderson Lounge<br>Private Mode J.P.Henderson Lounge<br>High Capacity Mode J.P.Henderson Bedroom-A J.P.Henderson Bedroom-A

J. Pinckney Henderson Charters

Charter the first and only stainless steel car built by Pullman Standard. Built in 1953, the J. Pinckney Henderson was initially a Jim Crow passenger car before being transformed into a magnificent sleeper lounge. The car has the distinguished honor of being the only railcar in Amtrak’s experimental luxury service, the Keystone Classic Club. Major corporations, government entities and private clientele prefer the J. Pinckney Henderson for elegant entertaining at special events such as the Masters, Kentucky Derby, Olympics, Congressional Receptions, Inaugurations, Weddings, Birthday Celebrations or simply for a scenic and enjoyable ride.

J.P. Henderson Railcar set up for Private extended travel J.P. Henderson Railcar set up for Group Activities For luxury travel, the J. Pinckney Henderson is ideal for three couples and features:

The J. Pinckney Henderson is also available for group, day-trip charters with lounge seating for 20 and additional seating in the three rooms. Unlike other sleeper lounges, the Henderson’s large windows throughout the car and rear-facing observation windows make this a favorite car for scenic day trips.

The J. Pinckney Henderson, owned by SWFL Railcars, LLC., is another fine car managed by Willetts Railcar Services, LLC. For more information, click or tap here to contact us. or call Bob Willetts at (704) 579.9254

J.P. Henderson Railcar set up for Group Activities
J.P. Henderson Hand Crafted Elegence
J.P. Henderson Bedroom A, Comfortable Sleeping, Private Bath
J.P. Henderson Bedroom B, Comfortable Sleeping, Private Bath
J.P. Henderson Bedroom C, Comfortable Sleeping, Private Bath
video, J.P. Henderson Tour
Floor Plan of J.P. Henderson