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Reserve a Private Railcar Willetts Railcar Services, LLC
P.O. Box 374
Spencer, NC 28159-0374
Located inside Spencer Yard.
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From the largest metal casting to the most delicate wood inlay, railcar restoration is an art form. No one is more skilled in the art of recovering the beauty and craftsmanship that created these cars than Willetts' Railcar Services.

Working with craftsmen within our network, we are able to repair, restore or when necessary recreate the details that bring these old beauties back to their glory. Every detail is important, every part must fit and because these cars go out onto the rail lines of today, they must meet the safety standards and requirements of today

Thankfully we have the resources and the facility to be able to do this work properly. Thanks to our affiliation with the North Carolina Transportation Museum, we have access to their roundhouse and shops at Spencer, NC. These resources allow us to work year round.

In the video below "Restoraton A Journey into the Past" Bob takes us through the restoration process, you will get a good understanding of the passion that Willetts Railcar Services brings to these projects.

video, Restoration Services
Recently Bob Willetts worked with the Hildene, the Lincoln Family Home in Manchester Vermont on their quest to find and restore a representative Pullman Coach from the era when Robert Todd Lincoln ran the Pullman Co.

To watch a longer, full screen video which features the restoration work that Bob Willetts performed in Hildene museum's project. Click Here