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Reserve a Private Railcar Willetts Railcar Services, LLC
P.O. Box 374
Spencer, NC 28159-0374
Located inside Spencer Yard.
Honoring Tradition

All Aboard

Today many business people have come to think of travel as an annoyance, wasted time between business meetings. This may explain why some of us are taken with a nostalgic desire for the heyday of railroading. Often we simply long for the "Good Old Days" when life was a little slower and travel was an adventure. Those who are able may find their joy in owning a piece of railroad history, their own railroad car.

Buying, Restoring or Refurbishing a car often starts with a rare find, perhaps a "treasure hunt" which uncovers a car buried in the weeds on some disused siding, maybe someone who has started but lacks the wherewithal to finish a car. Other Railroading Buffs may be able to fulfil their wish for rail travel by chartering a car for their special occasion. See our Charters page for more information

Bob Willetts

Perhaps you would like to restore a railcar but you really do not want to live in the 19th century, without proper plumbing, heating and air conditioning. These modernization-customizations require special skills to keep the best of the past in tact while modernizing the car's infrastructure. Bob Willetts has been working on Rail Cars since 1973 when he purchased his first project car, Milwaukee Coach 632. Later, in 1983 he moved on to the Amtrak 7200 Coach. Bob has worked on countless railcar projects and his reputation in the business of all things to do with Private Railroad Cars is unbeatable; references are provided upon request. Car Owner Services include: Restorations, Customization, Repairs, Before and end of trip servicing, Cleaning & Linen service, Provisioning and Charter Management.

Charter Services currently feature the Hollywood Beach and the J. Pickney Henderson. When you charter with us out of our Spenser Yards location, we provide safe parking for your automobiles and transportation to and from Charlotte where you can board and de-board the train. See our Charter Pages where you will find details and photos.

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Please call ahead, the entry through the yard can be a little tricky.